Experience at KJSCE Hack 4.O

In this blog, I will share my experience at KJSCE Hackathon 2019. first, let me explain what is a hackathon and if you already know than skip the next 5-6 lines.

Hackathon’s are of a various type depending on time for example 12hr, 24hr, 48hr or they can be different by themes like hardware and software hackathons. They are generally development based event where you have to create a working product which aim’s to solve our day to day problem. Also it should be created within a time-bound given to you. It is a team-based event, generally a team of four. This much intro is enough for you to understand what is a hackathon, so lets start with my experience.

It was a 24hr Hackathon organized by KJSCE Codecell. My team name for the Hackathon was EUREKA, and the members were Nishit (myself) , Manan , Ali and Pathik. We were the only team from first year. As it was the first time we were participating in such event, so our goal was simple, we wanted to learn and connect with the people instead of racing for win.

The Coding Period began on 5th Oct at noon and our idea was to make a Hospital Management System website which was named as Hospipro. Then next task was to select a good tech stack to create Hospipro. We all agreed upon to use Django framework as our main tech stack. I was working on the Backend Development for the Website, it includes tasks like creating a login page for the doctor, patient list view, updates patient profile and creating different database models. Manan was working on the Frontend his task includes of web-design. Ali was developing the android version of our website using Kotlin language. Pathik Was given the task of creating a logo’s, ppt’s etc required for final judging round.

24hr seems to be lot of time but when we began with our work only then we realized its definelty not lot of time. Myself and my teammates were continuously coding for 24hrs straight day and night with just a nap of 2hrs. I enjoyed the mix of friendly as well as competetive enviroment of hackathon, and plan to participate in more such hackathons.

Our product Hospipro included features like:


I noticed that most of the teams were using new and easy to build tech stack like Flask, nodejs etc for the backend, and during the judging round. I would like to suggest that, if you are planning to participate in your first hackathon then do make some pre-preparation regarding the idea and how you are going to implement it.

Source Code of Hospipro  github

Images taken during Hackathon

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