GSoC Project update part II

For the previous week’s update check out my last post.

Week 4

While reading the documentation, I came across a bug that was leading to broken links. After some debugging and testing, I was able to fix the bug. It was due to a missing configuration in the documentation engine.

Issues: #317

Merge Requests: !446

Week 5

Resolved all the threads, and marked the MR ready for merge. After few more changes MR was merged, and with this one out of two project goal was achieved.

Issue: #158

Merge Requests: !340

Week 6

I began working towards my second milestone. Cloned the nautilus repository and spent few days understanding the codebase. I was also working on my GUADEC presentation (hopefully will write a separate blog for it :-).

Week 7

Opened MR for search by creation time in nautilus, and while writing tests for nautilus discovered a bug and fixed it.

Issues: #1933

Merge Requests: !693, !697

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