GSoC Project update part I

This is a weekly update of my GSoC project.

Week 1

Following the proposed schedule, I began working on the first milestone, i.e Adding support for creation time in tracker-miners. While building the tracker-miner I discovered crashes in the indexer. After taking some help from mentors and debugging, It was found that a double-free bug in the indexer was causing the crash. As the piece of code was unused, it went unnoticed.

Merge Requests: !440

Week 2

During 2nd week, Most of the time was spent writing code. I was also working on resolving threads in the merge requests which were opened before GSoC.

Merge Requests: !327

Week 3

Opend Draft MR for the first milestone, and fixed some of the coverity warnings which were introduced after merging !327.

Merge Requests: !336, !340

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